Brazilian Waxing Services

Step into Wax Pink in Long Beach, California, for an empowering Brazilian waxing experience. Our expertly delivered service ensures you leave feeling confidently smooth, whether it's for a beach day, special occasion, or just because you deserve it.

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What is Brazilian Waxing and What are the Benefits?

Brazilian waxing at Wax Pink is the ultimate hair removal solution, offering a clean, smooth finish from front to back. This comprehensive service removes hair around the pubic area, vulva, and buttocks, leaving your skin exceptionally smooth. Benefits include longer-lasting results than shaving, a reduced risk of ingrown hairs, and a silky, refined appearance that enhances comfort and confidence in any outfit.

How to Prepare Yourself for Brazilian Waxing

Preparation is key for a successful Brazilian wax. Ensure your hair is at least a quarter-inch long for optimal wax grip. Exfoliate gently 24-48 hours before your appointment to free any trapped hairs and remove dead skin cells. Hydration helps, so drink plenty of water, and consider taking ibuprofen 30 minutes before your session to ease discomfort.

What To Expect During Brazilian Waxing

At Wax Pink, we prioritize your comfort and privacy. Our skilled estheticians apply high-quality wax designed for sensitive areas, ensuring a swift and efficient hair removal process. While you may experience brief discomfort, our techniques and soothing aftercare significantly reduce irritation, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.

How Often Should You Get Brazilian Waxing?

The smoothness from a Brazilian wax typically lasts between three to six weeks, depending on individual hair growth cycles. For maintained smoothness and ease in hair removal, Wax Pink recommends scheduling every four to six weeks. Regular waxing can lead to finer and sparser hair regrowth, making each session increasingly comfortable.


Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Brazilian waxing offers enhanced hygiene and reduced friction in the bikini area, improving comfort during physical activities and in hotter climates. It also streamlines your grooming routine, saving time and eliminating the daily hassle of shaving.


Proper aftercare is crucial to maintain your post-wax smoothness. Avoid tight clothing, hot baths, and excessive sweating for the first 24 hours. Gently exfoliate after a few days to prevent ingrown hairs and moisturize with a fragrance-free lotion to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

Need to learn more?

Give us a call and we can get you to a waxing specialist to answer any of your questions we didn't cover today!