Leg Waxing Services

Wax Pink in Long Beach, California, invites you to elevate your self-care routine with our professional leg waxing services. Say farewell to the daily hassle of shaving and hello to smooth, radiant legs that last for weeks. It’s time to treat yourself to the smooth sensation only waxing can provide.

What is Leg Waxing and What are the Benefits?

Leg waxing at Wax Pink is the premier choice for achieving sleek, hair-free legs. This method removes hair from the root, ensuring your legs stay smoother for longer compared to shaving. Benefits include a reduced risk of ingrown hairs, smoother skin texture, and slower hair regrowth. Plus, waxing exfoliates the skin, leaving your legs not just hairless but also more radiant.

How to Prepare Yourself for Leg Waxing

To get the best results from your leg waxing appointment, let your hair grow to at least a quarter-inch. Exfoliate your legs a day before the session to remove dead skin cells for a smoother wax. Hydration is key, so drink plenty of water and apply moisturizer regularly, but skip lotion on the day of your wax to ensure the wax adheres properly.

What To Expect During Leg Waxing

At Wax Pink, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities during a leg waxing session. Our skilled estheticians apply high-quality wax designed for sensitive skin, reducing discomfort and irritation. The process is swift and effective, with hair removed swiftly to minimize pain. After the wax, we apply a soothing lotion to calm the skin, leaving you with a sensation of smoothness and freshness.

How Often Should You Get Leg Waxing?

The silky-smooth results of leg waxing can last up to six weeks, though this varies based on individual hair growth. For enduring smoothness, Wax Pink recommends scheduling your waxing appointments every four to six weeks. Regular waxing can also lead to finer and sparser hair regrowth, making each session easier.


Beyond the aesthetic appeal, regular leg waxing offers long-term perks such as diminished hair growth over time, minimized skin irritation compared to shaving, and an exfoliating effect that keeps your skin soft and glowing. Embrace the confidence that comes with beautifully smooth legs, ready for any outfit or occasion.


Proper aftercare is crucial to maintain your newly waxed legs. Avoid hot showers, swimming, and sun exposure for the first 24 hours. Wear loose clothing to prevent irritation and apply a gentle moisturizer to soothe the skin. Exfoliating a few days after waxing can help prevent ingrown hairs, keeping your legs smooth and flawless.

Need to learn more?

Give us a call and we can get you to a waxing specialist to answer any of your questions we didn't cover today!