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Skin Health

Waxing doubles as an exfoliating treatment.

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Achieve unparalleled skin smoothness.

Long-lasting Results

Enjoy longer-lasting results than shaving.


Experience minimal skin irritation with professional techniques.

What to Expect

Our waxing services are designed to offer a seamless and comfortable experience, focusing on your preferences and skin health.

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What's a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax at Wax Pink ensures complete hair removal from the pubic area, including the front, upper thighs, and back. Tailor your look with options ranging from a full clean to leaving a stylish shape of your choice. This service welcomes everyone.

Bikini vs. Brazilian wax—what's the difference?

Brazilian waxes offer complete hair removal from the pubic region, while bikini waxes target hair visible outside the bikini line. Choose from a full or line bikini wax for your preferred coverage.

Preparing for your first Brazilian wax:

Keep hair at least ¼ inch long for your session. Cleanse and hydrate the area beforehand for the best results. First-timers should pause shaving two weeks prior.

Waxing during menstruation:

Yes, you can, though you may feel more sensitivity. Use a tampon during the service for convenience.

Can I wax with sunburn or while on medication?

Avoid waxing on sunburned or irritated skin. Consult your doctor about waxing while on medication, especially for substances like retin-a, differin, or accutane.

Is Brazilian waxing safe during pregnancy?

Yes, with potential increased sensitivity. We recommend consulting your doctor closer to your due date.

How long should hair be?

About ¼ inch—like a sprinkle—for effective waxing.

Pain expectation for a Brazilian wax:

Pain levels vary, but the right prep and technique can minimize discomfort. Wax Pink uses special wax to ease the process for sensitive skin.

Age requirements for waxing:

Under 16 requires parental consent. Check with your local Wax Pink for specific policies on minors.

Impact of piercings and tattoos on waxing:

Waxing doesn't affect tattoos and may even enhance their appearance. We recommend removing piercings for a thorough wax.

How long does it last?

Three to six weeks, with recommended waxing every three to four weeks for optimal results.

Benefits over shaving:

Waxing offers longer-lasting results, softer regrowth, and is gentler on your skin compared to shaving.

Do you offer waxing for men?

Yes, Wax Pink provides waxing services for all genders, with a variety of options available.

Benefits over shaving:

Waxing offers longer-lasting results, softer regrowth, and is gentler on your skin compared to shaving.


After your initial visit to Wax Pink, the first wax targets hair above the skin. Subsequent sessions address hairs in different growth phases, achieving uniformity after 3-4 visits for extended smoothness. To maintain results, incorporate exfoliation 2-3 times weekly. Enhance your skin's health with our specially formulated after-wax products, designed to soothe, prevent ingrown hairs, and keep skin smooth. These premium products are available for purchase online or at any Wax Pink location.